The Spirit of Innovation Competition

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We were honored to take home an award at the Spirit of Innovation Competition hosted by the US India Chamber of Commerce DFW! 



The Team in New Delhi

We are proud to be the first Social Entrepreneur incubatee of the FORCE Institute of Water Efficiency (FIWE)!

FIWE is a part of FORCE which focuses on end to end solutions for community water problems and sustainable sanitation. The FIWE seeks to make a water abundant world by facilitating a shift towards water efficiency.


Ready to start manufacturing

We're excited to start producing tanks!

We recognize that this is a massive opportunity to help those in need and we're committed to doing whatever it takes to bring running water to everyone, everywhere.

We've partnered with proven manufacturers to ensure that our tanks are made to the highest standard. 

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Checking in on the prototype

Our field prototype has been used to wash hands and dishes, bathe children, and even unclog household plumbing.

This family is one of many that we know could benefit from having one of our tanks in their household. We're committed to making that happen.

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The LIFE Conference

Our team was a part of The Leadership Initiative For Excellence (LIFE) conference in New Delhi this year!

LIFE is a global convening platform created by The Global Education & Leadership Foundation (tGELF) that brings together a carefully selected group of young leaders from around the world. This seminar seeks to promote collaboration, collective ideation, and the construction of a community capable of and willing to enact positive change.