Bringing running water to everyone, everywhere.

What is Flow?

Simply put, our goal is to bring running water to anyone anywhere. Our first solution is a manually pressurized and refillable water tank that can function as a sink or shower.

And that's just the start.


This video captures the main problem we are addressing. 

Much like the boy in this video, billions of people venture long distances to get their water from an off-premise source, such as a well or a delivery truck.

While water is available, there is no way to pressurize it, meaning that people have trouble washing hands, dishes, and maintaining good hygiene. It also means that use of water is inefficient.

We know that we can help solve this problem.

We know that our tank could change this boy's life.

We could ease the burden of water retrieval, improve his and his family's hygiene, and increase the functionality and usefulness of water in his daily life.



Our Vision

We want to become the alternative water solutions company that utilizes low-cost, appropriate tech innovations to foster sustainable organizations and supply chains around the world.


Use simple innovations to bring running water to people anywhere in the world.


Foster local feedback loops that help us support alternative running water solutions that match user specific needs for anyone anywhere.


Provide the necessary water resources to improve hand washing and other forms of disease preventing sanitary practices.

Allow users to more efficiently control the amount of water they use to make sure they get the most out of every drop.