Bringing running water to everyone, everywhere.

Bringing running water to everyone, everywhere. 

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2 billion people do not have access to running water.

In India alone, 148,00 children die every year from poor sanitation.

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Ease the burden on families.

Our tanks provide the necessary water resources to improve hand washing and other disease preventing sanitary practices in the home.

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Change the way we interact with water.

We want to positively change the way families interact with water. Previously, water was stagnant and used inefficiently. With Flow, water can be used dynamically and effectively by consumers.

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Foster local feedback loops.

Utilize local feedback loops to help us support alternative running water solutions that match user specific needs for anyone anywhere.

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Give control to the user.

Allow users to more efficiently control the amount of water they use to make sure they get the most out of every drop.

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We're committed to our mission.

When we think about the water crisis, we think about the availability or quality of water. But not often enough do we think about how water is delivered or consumed.

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The manually pressurized water tank

Our first solution.

A rendering of our first solution: a manually or electrically pressurized, refillable water storage tank. Once pressurized, it acts as a pipe-less micro-running water unit.

It can store up to 60L of water and only weighs 6kg when empty. The tank rolls to and from the water source or can be attached to current plumbing infrastructure. It can provide running water for sinks, showers, toilets, and more.